Friday, June 13, 2008

Nearly there....

The book is finished and off to the publisher - well apart from tying up a few loose ends.

It might end up looking a bit like this here.

It's been interesting trawling through the web verifying what I thought I knew...and finding out that I'm wrong.

It led me to discovering quite a lot about optimising your site, SEO and advertising through Google and on Facebook.

I've discovered DIY social networking and sites for Caribbean music, for pets ... and even for marketing communications professionals.

I've also realised that it's phenomenally difficult for the average small or micro business to get to grips with the possibilities of the web.

I'm hoping that some of the text of the book will be available online - or maybe just some of the links since the book is packed with them.

Incidentally I was pleased that there was a pretty evenhanded review of Marketing & PR on the website of REALIR Europe's Investor Relations Magazine

Given recent coverage of 'selective' quotes, I'll quote the following in full...

"Having read quite a few marketing books, this book takes a somewhat simplistic view of the field of marketing. The positives are mainly in the refreshing focus on the small business context, and the humorous and light-minded approach. An example of this style is in a phrase that resonated with me, as an owner of a small business: “you can't shout louder than everyone, but you can whisper in the right ear”. However, keeping to this friendly style of writing while trying to give credible marketing advice is treading on a fine line. In certain sections of the book, you can get lost in the waffle. But, overall this is a deceptively easy book to read; in a friendly tone, with valuable and accessible marketing advice to anyone running a small/medium sized business."

Waffle? Me?!

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