Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ah...Charlie Brooker

Another great episode, precisely skewering the 24 hour news outfall in which so-called reporters collude to make us believe something has happened, and that we (or indeed anyone) cares.

[Contains strong language...and quite a lot of truth]

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Customer service!

OK. Fair's fair. I was pretty dismissive about Woolworth's customer service. Then they went bust.
So, here's the thing. When I see good service, I really ought to blog it.
My phone (a Samsung with touch screen, that was always a bit irritating) broke. This was the second time. I emailed Vodafone and they didn't reply.
So, I emailed again and then found, to my embarrassment, that they'd sent me an acknowledgment email. Later that day I got a full reply which may have been standard, but was really well written.
I took my phone down to the Vodafone shop where I was surprised to find they employ grown-ups!
They bundled up my phone to send off for repair (they checked my account and knew it was under warranty) and when I tentatively asked about borrowing a phone...they said yes.
So that day, and the next, and the next, I got text messages on my (borrowed) phone to say that my old phone had been send off, that it was being assessed, that it was on it's way back and, finally, that it was ready to be picked up.
So, on Friday I went to pick up the phone.
Problem. It was "moisture damage" and that's not covered by the warranty.
Well, the thing is, my contract isn't up until September which means they couldn't offer me an upgrade until July. But then the staff in the shop suggested I used their (free) in-store phone to call Vodafone and see what 'head office' could do.
They couldn't do anything. But the very nice man outlined the options - I could 'buy out' the rest of my contract. And he had some good suggestions about the kind of phone that might work (Blackberry, better than an iPhone!).
He also gave me another number to call (long story this, eh?).
The chaps in the shop gave me a phone to use. Well, the upshot was that they did (after a bit of 'consulting the manager' which salesmen know well) offer to allow me to upgrade immediately.
SO on Tuesday I take delivery of a new phone. The Nokia E63 which should do everything I need.
And what's more, they're giving me more minutes, unlimited texts and saving me a few quid a month.
Oh, I had to pay for the phone. "Two nine nine" said the girl on the phone...
Silence form my end.
"That's £2.99" she said.
I'll let you know if the euphoria lasts.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cream :: Blog

Cream :: Blog

Thanks to Tom for his invaluable contribution to our media course at Greenwich. And he's said nice things about the students too!

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