Friday, May 09, 2008

I feel I must apologise

To all the people in California (who allowed an film star, former Mr Universe) to become Governor.

To all the people in the USA who voted for Al Gore, but got George W.

To all the people in Russia, Zimbabwe and numerous other countries that we (Brits) looked on pityingly as they clearly couldn't run an election or get a sensible candidate to represent their interests.

To all of them; my apologies for poking fun.

It's taken me a while to find a place in my mind where this fact isn't immediately set upon by the mental equivalent of antibodies. Boris Johnson is the elected Mayor of London.

I'm so sorry.

For a more considered, balanced and amusing view see Charlie Brooker's column in the Guardian.
The picture is from the BBC production based on the Richard Doyle book about London flooding. I'm not in anyway suggesting that this will happen. Unless Boris is running a bath one day...

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ajm said...

... Hahaha nice one.
i think you should carry this sense of humour to your classrooms. I am sure students would love to pick up on some of your sense of humour aswell.