Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just got back from the KMFM Battle of the Bands in West Kent UK. My son Jack's band Standing in Lines played. They were (I think the current phrase is) awesome.

They were up against some great bands and didn't get through to the final, but such was the competition that two of their competitors did!
You can still get them into the final by loggin onto the KMFM site. You can text as many times as you like and also vote online. They've got a CD as well so for just £4 you can have your own Standing in Lines experience...go on then.

(PS Jack is great. I'm very proud of him)

Culture jamming

I just love adbusters because I like the idea of making it difficult for consumers to 'read' ads. If they are not quite certain what is an ad and what is subverting advertising then maybe they'll questions just a little bit more. Maybe.
The thing that always strikes me about the students I meet (and I'm usually teaching them about marketing...) is their naivite - they really do believe that a brand that they know...Nike, Pepsi; the usual subjects...are better.
So I try to get them to visit adbusters..have a look.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My very first post

Hi, there's absolutely no reason why you should read this.