Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another useful tool

Well, I just thought I'd tryout clipmarks.
It looks like an wasy way of picking up content from anywhere on the web and keeping is. But more importantly you can clip it and immediately post it on a blog. This is great, not just for public blogs like ours, but also for collaborative working using a private blog.
Anyway, I'll see how this turns out - I've just clipped some images and words from the clipmarks website - you should get some links as well...
clipped from
Clipmarks - What are you finding on the web?
Clipmarks anywhere!
You can easily syndicate your clips to FriendFeed, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, and more. You can also read, pop, and comment on clips from your iPhone (, iGoogle, or Netvibes homepage.
Clipmarks - What are you finding on the web?
On, you can see clips of text, images or video about all sorts of topics that other people find while surfing the web.