Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Facebook gains another...

Mmmm. Now there's a thing. I'm now using Facebook.
Well, when I say 'using' I mean I have registered and I've started to link to lots of people either because of Greenwich connections or older friends (from a previous university life) and family.
But I still don't quite know what it's for.
I'm also in the strange position where our website is linked to my FB page (and a number of groups I've set up or joined) and it's got a kind of blog front page as you both (!) know. Then there is this blog...
...oh and a Flickr account...
I've used Linked-in, a thing called Spreadshirt (you can see through PWOTG) and informe (which is where our Forum is hosted, free) and I've set up a Basecamp account for collaborative working...
That's in addition to online banking, utilities, Ebay, Google accounts, my ISP...

My brain has now imploded with all the login and password stuff to remember and not having any kind of computer is both v attractive and scary...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Mmmm blogs left to rot is the case here.
What the heck is a blog for? If no-one is reading it, like any other form of communication or promotion, it just doesn't work.
The other issue is, of course, that blogs require commitment. You have to want to keep updating your thoughts and sometimes, quite frankly, I don't have anything to say.
Actually, sometimes, I'm just not thinking about anything useful. This is especially true if you are not a monomaniac.
I seem to have so much to do, so much to cram in, and seem to have so far to go, it's difficult to stop and consider if what I'm doing is relevant to this blog or that website. Which is why they're not updated as often as they might be.
But that brings us to the problem of blogs - they are still 'push' media in the first instance (much as I hate the use of the term) and they tend to define an audience. They get picked up because they have a lot about one thing and offer 'wormholes' into deep cyberspace without any of that long searching. But (and here's the rub) if they become less relevant, they can be dropped and forgotten instantly.
So, if my blog is little use to anyone...or it is only occasionally interesting...why am I writing it?