Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not a great insight, I'll admit

I just visted the Ideal Home Show. There didn't seem to be many people there.

As I looked around I asked myself the question I always ask myself at exhibitions - why are these people here? I'd really like to know which exhibitors and sponsors actually make money from this, if any. Please let me know. A few people visit with the specific intent of buying a mop, I suppose, but does it make economic or marketing sense? Are these companies acquiring valuable customers?
I bought a shiny little 20GB hard drive to back up some stuff from my laptop. As I made the decision to buy, a man behind indicated a product on the stand and remarked to his wife "Yes...I can get it cheaper online."

Incidentally in Foyle's the same day (the bookshop beneath the Royal Festival Hall, on the South Bank) I also overheard part of another conversation -

First old man "Can we get a cup of coffee upstairs?"
Second old man "Yes, oh no. They ask you all sorts of questions."

My guess is he was worried about having to navigate through the tall, skinny, de-caf, fairtrade minefield.
No conclusions from this, just thoughts...

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Lee said...

I always baulk a bit when getting coffee for my wife - she wants 'skinny decaf'. Most places oblige (but not here in Malacca) but I just feel awkward.

I cover up by asking if they have 'free-range' coffee.