Monday, February 18, 2008

Viral defined

I've no doubt that anyone who sees this will click and want to make their own candy hearts.

The picture and the real product comes from a site called which is, itself, pretty funny as it consistently parodies all the management/motivation claptrap business people still seem to revere.

Except that they don't, really.

Perhaps it's since The Office (in the UK and US) or maybe that series was, in part, a riposte to the rise of managerialism. But it seems to me that no-one really took the motivational business seriously and in any attempt to inspire a workforce there is always an undercurrent of muffled mickey-taking eminating from towards the back of the room. And there is now, always the possibility of a David Brent/Michael Scott cringeworthy moment.

The postmodern rears its pastiched head. is a business that sells the undermining of the corporate world - including the personalised candy hearts. Clips of The Office I am sure have been used for training purposes.

Meanwhile people in business still aspire to working in an organisation that genuinely cares about what it's doing... someone once said, if you can fake sincerity, you've got it made.

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