Friday, July 13, 2007

Ooooh so much happening

It’s an age since I put anything on this blog. Mainly because I’ve been working on the actual website.

It now includes a forum for collaborative working (free, of course, through… well asynchronous discussion of stuff. This allowed us to publish extra content for our book shown here and available through our Amazon store at the website.

We’ve also started selling merchandise which is actually rather groovy (supplied through a free site called or – yes, we’ll promote it)

We’re now in the process of putting together our second book (through those wonderful people at A&C Black) and recruiting associates and ‘stringers’ for the website/book/empire. We’re not quite into a web 2.0 version of our site but I sense it coming.

Rather late in the day I’ve been looking at Hugh Macleod’s ‘Blue Monster’ for Microsoft* and the discussion around that. The viral, blogging stuff is very interesting but I don’t know if it has a measurable, global impact. Anyone have some figures?

I’m also pressing on with my research which today involved helping out at a protest – I’ll write more in due course.

Oh and my son Jack is in conversation with a TV production company to film his three week Europe trip – great excitement!! Watch out for it on joost tv…

Finally, it is Summer and with graduation ceremonies at Greenwich – time to party, then off to Cornwall and the sublime Watergate Bay.

Have a good one!


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