Monday, October 09, 2006

What a day

Just occasionally I slip into a parallel universe where time stretches…until it snaps.

Working happily on the book, everything seemed under control yesterday. Today I awoke at 4am with a stomach gurgling so noisily I felt I had to get up so as to not wake my wife..

I won’t relate what happened next, but I spent the next few hours downstairs (working on the book again) and visiting the bathroom regularly.

I began work (again) at about 9 and got on quite well, distracted by trying to set up my blog with a graphic at the top and not the default title.

The things just started to happen – children home from school, oldest son rang to ask advice on a job offer, next oldest in crisis because of the possibility of his band touring (and other parents seemingly laying down the law about school taking precedence) then my appointment in Manchester being rearranged so I suddenly had to change my flight. Oh look! It’s half past eight.

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